From the land of eagles, a new and powerful voice takes flight. Frederik Ndoci, an Albanian hailing from the lakes and mountains of Albania’s historic Shkodra, is on a mission to capture the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere. (Blue November Records. NY)

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All life I look far way to west, there was freedom and living God. So I try to bring in our routes the beautifull and mos wonderfull sounds and performances make in time by the most great and genius artists all around the world, but selecting melody and pathetycs who everybody can sourender (F. Ndoci)


Frederik Ndoci - Biography

Frederik grew up on a very cultural home of artists from the north Albanian city of Shkoder.

Frederik started writing, acting and singing at an early age and today he is known around the world to be one of the greatest writers and singers from Albania. His long and successful career also includes roles in successful movies, where he performed as an actor, starring in leading and supporting roles. Frederik has fifteen Grammy Nominations and was the 6th finalist in IMA nomination.

Frederik Ndoci was named "Man of Thousand Voices" because he sings baritone, tenor, bass and countertenor. He can sing arias, romantic ballads, rock songs, napolitano all in authentic style. What sets Frederik Ndoci apart from the opera stars and crooners in his versatility both as a multi-instrumentalist and as an accomplished songwriter, has just released his fourth album "Canterina". Previously one of the tracks from his "Corazon De Cristal" (Heart Of Crystal) album has won the prize in the Independent Music Awards. Another song "Canterina" was listed for seven Grammy nominations.

Today Frederik Ndoci is known to be of the Albanian's greatest representative of modern art with his revolutionary and radical ideas on music. Before "Canterina" Frederik released albums like "Canta Frederik" (Italy), "Sono Gitano" (Italy) and "Frederik and Friends" (USA). Ndoci has participated in RTV AL Song Contest 5; he has won the RTV AL Song Contest in 2006. This is not the first time Frederik, who can sing in six different languages, won the "Festivali i Këngës". He also won the festival in December 1989 with the song "Toka e Diellit" (Land of the Sun)

When the Pope Francis made his first official European visit in Albania, Frederik was the singer who sings seven songs before the Pope Francis. Three of the songs were solo. Frederik was asked to perform several times directly from the Pope Francis a year early, but at that time Frederik was unable to perform.

The music is as variable as Frederik Ndoci’s penchant for switching his language; you will hear classical, jazz, pop, world, and the merging of many all in one song. This is a very effective method for highlighting the singer and his all-encompassing talents. It works very well for everyone involved. Frederik is the voice heard around the world — a voice of the ages. He is a poet, a statesman, a gypsy and an impresario. He sings in six different languages in three distinct vocal ranges. He is indeed the “Nightingale of Canterina”, as he spins an international and classical milieu of romance, passion, and melody.

Frederik Ndoci is currently living in Florida.